O’Malley’s March  – Irish Folk Rock

” Leading the charge on vocals, guitar, bodhran and tin whistle, Martin O’Malley has brought together six musicians: some born and raised in the traditions of Irish music, some classically trained, some life-long students of blues, rock, jazz. Many of them are all of the above- and all students of the experience that can only be gained by standing on stage and putting ones heart and soul into a performance, while making the audience feel that they are a part of this dynamic chemistry..

Jared Denhard, Jim Eagan, Sean McComiskey, Pete Miller, Mac Walter, Jamie Wilson and Martin O’Malley are O’Malley’s March.You could call it Celtic Rock- but it is so much more. This band has refused to stand in one place and simply play the usual fare. Mixing the hauntingly beautiful, soulful and rousing music of Irish tradition with the music that was created out of the Irish Diaspora with original compositions by Martin O’Malley and Jared Denhard, who received a Masters in Composition from the world-renowned Peabody Conservatory, they continue to grow, to listen, to go beyond what they know, to share their intimate connection with the music  they have learned, the music they have written and the music that has written them.”

YOUTUBE CLIP (O’Malley’s March)


Good & Ready – Perfect for Wedding and Special Events

First and foremost a “Party Band”, GOOD & READY compliments any occasion. Whether you are entertaining guests at an intimate cocktail party or looking for a high energy dance band, GOOD & READY has the music and veteran showmanship to satisfy your needs. Their songbook is vast, with styles ranging from Classical String arrangements, R&B, Soul, Rock-N-Roll to Contemporary Pop, Jazz, Latin and World Rhythms.There is no better band for your event.

Band Members:
Michael Mathias: Keyboard
Michael Mathias  has played Rock, Classic Rock, Pop and Jazz in the Baltimore/Washington area for countless years, There is not a musical instrument that I have not seen Michael pick up and play; that he has not been able to master . Michael is also a very gifted vocalist.

Dana Goode; Violin
Dana Goode is Peabody Institute, composer, teacher, musical director, conductor, and a superb violinist. She leads Dana Goode and The Castaglia String Quartet. She also joins in with Good & Ready on violin playing everything from jazz standards to pop.

Pete Miller: Bass
Pete Miller’s musical career spans playing everything from in show bands for theater producing, to jazz, rock & roll to tradition Irish music. Pete has played with the East Point Oyster Boys and O’Malley’s March at nearly every venue in the Baltimore/Washington/Annapolis area.

Jamie Willson: Drums
Jamie Wilson’s musical career spans playing New York City’s CBGBs with Baltimore’s Godfather’s of punk, Da Moronics to playing The White House with O’Malley’s March. Jamie has had the honor of sharing stages with likes of Patti LaBelle to The Chieftains and more……

Jared Denhard: Trombone and everything else
Celtic harper, storyteller, highland piper and trombonist Jared Denhard is a member of the Celtic rock band O’Malley’s March, the medieval jazz group Keltia, and the early music ensemble Boar’s Head Consort. He is a visiting artist with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s Arts Excel educational outreach program. A popular performer at Celtic, classical, and jazz events in the Mid-Atlantic region. Jared has performed as soloist on the highland bagpipes with the Delaware Symphony Orchestra, the Baltimore Municipal Band, and the Lexington Brass Quintet.

Maureen McCusker: Flute, Piccolo, Tenor Sax, and Vocals.
Maureen received her Bachelor of Music degree from Towson State University, where she was a member of Hank Levy’s Towson State Jazz Ensemble. She was the 1982 recipient of the St. Johns Episcopal Concert Series Artists Guild Award and the Towson State University Talent Award Competition. Maureen is a cherished alumna of the Peabody Ragtime Ensemble (1984-1993) and re-joined Peabody Ragtime Ensemble in 2005! We are proud to have Maureen join our line up.

Marshall White: Trumpet                                                                                                                          Marshall is a top notch trumpet player with the papers to show for it. We he is not on stage performing and is teaching. Marshall also played with the Peabody Ragtime Ensemble for a number of years.

David Bollinger: Keyboard – With deep sorry our founding keyboard player David Bollinger died this past winter (2016). He will greatly be missed.
David Bollinger has played a blend of Rock, Classic Rock, Pop and Jazz. He has entertained audiences in the Mid-Atlantic area for over 40 years and is a great choice for parties, small clubs, art openings, or corporate events. David was the house piano player at The Carousel in Ocean City, Maryland for 8 years and can play and sing every song in the book.


The Barrage Band Orchestra:  Balkan & Eastern European, and New Orleans

Barrage Band Orchestra is a community / street band from the city of Baltimore. We play people’s music: Balkan & Eastern European, New Orleans, and the occasional punk cover. The band feels that music is too important to be played only by professional musicians dictated by consumer industry standards. This is why we play on the streets and practice in the parks.

We are a continuously evolving collective. If you are interested in playing with us, email us at barragebandorchestra@gmail.com and/or come and speak with one of us after a gig. We practice every Thursday evening from 7:30-9.


Panama Rex Band – Jimmy Buffett Tribute Band

Ellicott City, MD

Rex Allan writes this about Panama Rex Band

About a year ago my teenage daughter came up after a gig and said ” you know daddy you sing just like Jimmy Buffett ” I only played one Buffett tune out of 40 or so songs , I believe it was Margaritaville , I had no clue she even new who Jimmy Buffett was . It was a nice compliment and end of story. Weeks later I’m promoting my Classic Rock Band to a club owner and it’s going no where , at the end of the conversation I thought why not mentioned the fact I was working on a Jimmy Buffett Tribute band. The fact is , I was not , it just popped out . Well you could have knocked me over with a feather . He gets excited and proceeds to tell me that Jimmy Buffett is his favorite artist. So he says e-mail me when you get it together . Well after that conversation it did not take a whole lot motivation to get me started . Went to the Howard County Library and asked for every Buffett CD they had . About a week later I get a phone call from the Library , your CD’s are in. When I showed up at the Library I remember seeing a huge stack of CD’s on the counter . Their must have been over 30 CD,s .I had no idea that Jimmy has been putting out albums since 1970 and to date has over 70 albums.I had one more thing to follow up with . How many bands I’m I competing with in the area , NONE . That’s my story , I proceeded to learn some 30 tunes in 4 months , the tough part was asking my Rock Band to covert over to Buffett . The deciding factor was , we can get work and make some money. With all that said I went out into the cruel and tough world of Bar & Club owners with no demo and no marketing promo package hoping to get us some club dates . Any company with that business plan would surely be destine for Failure . NOT ! I have presented my enthusiasm to over a dozen clubs and bars to date “Panama Rex Band ” has been invited to play in Eleven Clubs and Bars in the local area. I am in the process of putting a demo together for future engagements ..I can solo up to a 6 piece band , I bring the atmosphere with my palm trees and my parrot , Jimmy B to set the mood , the music does the rest. Moral of the story , who needs a business plan when all you need to ask the question. How about a Jimmy Buffett night !!!!

YOUTUBE CLIP (Rex Allan doing a song solo while the bands on break)



SwampB’donk: A Crazy Fun Tuba, Harmonica, and Percussion Band

SwampB’donk is a super fun trio out of Baltimore, Maryland that plays everything from Old Time Music to Pop Songs on Tuba, Harmonica, and Percussion. Over the summer we have been putting together a few sets of music and we are ready to start taking bookings for the fall season on 2017. For bookings contact us at birdhousestudios@mac.com.
Here is our band lineup: Jared Dendard on Tuba & Banjo
Jordan Feldman on Harmonica, and Jamie Wilson on Percussion.


Georgie Jessup & The Philosopher Dogs: Roots Rock / Americana Music

I started playing drums for Georgie Jessup in the winter of 2015. It has been a pleasure performing her music. Here is her bio:

Georgie Jessup has an extraordinary ability to encourage audiences to look deeply into their prejudices and other transgressions. Consequently, audiences tend to respond emotionally, if not always lovingly. Georgie has developed a successful career by challenging musical styles, personal identifications, and storybook history lessons. She has released five CD’s: American Holocaust, Sweet Grass Smoke, Winkte & Crazy Sacred Dogs, Woman in A Man’s Suit, and Working Class Hero. She is working on her sixth CD, Philosopher Dogs, scheduled release spring of 2014. Georgie also works for Anne Arundel County Public Schools in Early Childhood Intervention. Her work with autistic and children with behavior issues is considered “outstanding” by AACPS.

Awards and other Recognition:

* 1996 play “The Berdache” whose main character Ammiel McLellen is inspired by Georgie Jessup – according to play’s author Cheryl Ann Costa

* Austria’s own Big City Indian, (for their 2003 release Native Heart UrbanSoul), recorded her song, Red Cloud’s Room, (from Red Cloud’s Room).

* Five WAMA Nominations for singer songwriter, vocal performance, and album (Washington Area Music Association)

* American Holocaust Nominated for the 2004 Indian Summer Music Awards (ISMA-Milwaukee, WI)

* Featured performer at the Susquehanna Music & Arts Festival 2003-2007

* 2005 Fresh Fruit Awards for live show and nominated for songwriting

* 2005 & 2006 Silver Arrow Award

* 2009 Pride In the Arts Award for Transgender Musician of the Year

* “Woman In A Man’s Suit” film winner of the Festival Favorite Roanoke International Film Festival (Pride In The Arts) Award 2010 (Documentary film about Georgie)

* Music Festivals: DC Pride, Baltimore Pride, Delaware Pride, Philadelphia Pride, Indian Summer Music Awards, Leonard Peltier rallies, DE/MD/VA/PA powwows, Aboriginal Festival – Vancouver (Canada)

*Film & Documentaries: “On The Block” (film by Steve Yeager), “American Holocaust” (ProJectS production), “Almost Myself” (film by Tom Murry, music by Georgie Jessup), “Woman In A Man’s Suit” (Silent Code Features/ProJectS/Chip Taylor Communications)

* Radio play: KNBA 90.3 FM Anchorage, Alaska, WMPG 90.0/104.1 FM Portland, Maine, CFWP 98.3 FM Mohawk, wryr.org 97.5 FM, SIRIUS RADIO: SIRIUS OutQ Hot 20, OutVoice http://www.outvoice.net/, www.rock95.com (Canada’s 6th largest Rock station), European radio markets


Dana Goode (violin), Jamie Wilson (percussion) & Pete Miller (dual bass) – Tangos 


Old Time Music  – A New Project with:  

Jared Denhard (banjo), Jamie Wilson (percussion) & Jordan Feldman (harmonica)                        more in the works…..


The Fake Furriers – Music for young people

The Fake Furriers are the foremost exponents of B’more Core, a genre orginating in the Chesapeake region, that combines 60’s Urban Folk sounds with contemporary Punk and Acid Jazz.


T.T. Tucker & Friends – Americana

2017 – T.T. Tucker is back in the saddle. We will be booking and playing so special shows as a trio, so keep your eyes on this, It is a show not to miss.


Walter Wilson & Miller – American folk/trad. / to jazz


Walter & Wilson – Trad. American folk/trad.

Two Seasoned Musical Performers Join Forces –

Three-time WAMMIE winner Mac Walter has headlined jazz and blues festivals all over Europe and the USA including the Monterey Blues Festival. Mac has had the honor to share the stage with such great musicians as Johnny Winter & Maryann Price to name a few.

Jamie Wilson’s musical career spans playing New York City’s CBGBs with Baltimore’s Godfather’s of punk, Da Moronics to playing The White House with O’Malley’s March. Jamie has had the honor of sharing stages with likes of Patti LaBelle to The Chieftains and more……

Here is a track of Mac Walter playing solo at Maryland Hall in Annapolis, MD October 2007. Now add some percussion and you have Walter & Wilson. The tune is called “Around the World”


Jimmy Nalls & The Bar Band  – Irish Folk Rock

presently not booking shows…..

Jimmy Nalls & The Bar Band, featuring singer/songwriter Jimmy Nalls, percussionist Jamie Wilson, bass guitar Pete Miller, and  guitar Mac Walter,  play a mix of traditional and contemporary songs laced with Irish legend and lore.



Subtle and The Little Planets – Rock

BUCK SUBTLE AND THE LITTLE PLANETS, are a Baltimore based all original musical group. We play some dreamy tunes you will love. We are presently recording out first CD, “Low Down” at Invisible Sound, Baltimore, Maryland. The band line up is Mark O’Connor on keyboards & vocals, Mary Lis on guitar & vocals, Mindi Siegel on sax, Charles Emmett Freeman on bass guitar, and James M. Wilson Sr. on drums. You are going to just love these guys & gals.

SOUNDCLOUD – Buck Subte and The Little Planets  – song: Poor Pluto


George Kilby Jr. & The Road Dogs – Rough – Cut American Music

Blues guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter George Kilby has spent his life immersed in music and traveling the world. His gutsy American music has its roots in his home state of Alabama and has flourished from his experience as a roadie for the Beach Boys to playing with “Honey Boy” Otis, and many other blues greats, including being  a regular performer at BB King’s club on Times Square.  Also playing with George on accordion/keyboard is his traveling mate Neil Thomas. When George is playing in the mid-atlantic area he is backed by Marion Lesniewski on bass, Wayne Werner on harp and lap steel, and Jamie Wilson on drums.

“The music of George Kilby Jr. & the Road Dogs is a melding of good old-fashioned country, blues, r&b, rockabilly and whatever else it takes to get the job done… it got my undivided attention and highest recommendation.” – Bill Wilson, Billtown Blues

YOUTUBE CLIP  (George Kilby Jr. & The Road Dogs playing “Your Mind Is On Vacation” on-air for WTMD’s Live Lunch on Friday, April 11, 2014)


Third Sunday Band

Third Sunday Band has its home at St. Margaret’s Church in Annapolis, MD. Begun in 1998 as an expression of contemporary worship music for a traditional setting, this group of friends and musicians has continually grown on its journey in God’s gift of music.

​Influenced by a diversity of musical styles, Third Sunday continually crafts  unique arrangements of popular contemporary christian songs and traditional hymns as well as an extensive collection of original music. The Third Sunday Band features acoustic and electric guitar, keyboard, harmonica, mandolin, flute, and percussion along with four part harmony in a blend of folk, rock, country, reggae, jazz, and blues styles  Essentially, wherever the Spirit leads us.

​If you arrive for worship at St. Margaret’s Church (www.st-margarets.org) in Annapolis on the third Sunday of each month you will find this unique musical offering with a traditional Episcopal liturgy.



Grand Junction – Americana

Colleen Shanley has been performing throughout the DC/Baltimore area in various musical groups for at least thirty years. She’s honed her skills while exploring the various genres of music such as bluegrass, folk, country, blues, swing, Celtic, and rock. She’s also taken much of what she has learned and incorporated it into her own expressive songwriting. During the ’80s, she got her first taste of radio airplay while working with a small Nashville based indie label, and she became a regular at Bethesda’s infamous Twist & Shout. During the late 90s she was enlisted into former Capital Records/Nashville artist Cleve Francis’ band “Cleve Francis & Friends.” She’s produced two CDs during her career, and her songs have been included on several CD compilations and gained airplay in the U.S. and overseas. During the last year of the Lilith Fair Tour, Colleen was one of 20 finalists who competed at the 9:30 Club for a spot to perform at the concert. She’s accrued several WAMMIE nominations and has had the honor of sharing many stages with notorieties such as The Sun Studio Rhythm Section, Holly Cole, Wayne Toups, Kelley Willis and Cleve Francis.

Casey O’Neal also claims a number of WAMMIE nominations during his thirty some years of playing music in the DC/Baltimore area. He’s lent his talent to many bands ranging from bluegrass to country, to rock, blues and jazz, all the while dazzling the audiences with his stellar playing on pedal steel, Dobro and lap steel. Not only has he worked with Colleen Shanley over the years, he’s also worked with many other talents such as Cleve Francis and Michael Fath. Several years ago, Casey and Fath collaborated on some original compositions that led to Fath’s group called Michael Fath’s Le Jazz. They produced a recording, “The Chase is On,” which gained its own notoriety in the jazz world. Being a highly regarded studio musician, you can hear Casey’s first rate licks on a wide variety of numerous recording projects by local artists such as Colleen Shanley, Michael Fath, Lisa Taylor, Brian Fox, Kevin Kline & Eric Scott, and Donal Leace and many more.

Venues for both: Birchmere, Kennedy Center, Iota, Blues Alley, Delaplane Strawberry Festival, Baltimore’s Artscape, Glen Echo Folk Festival, MD’s Annual Seafood Festival, Annual VA Wine Festival, Vintage VA Wine Festival, Alexandria’s First Night, WRNR sponsored Mid-Atlantic Wine Festival, Damian Einstein’s WRNR afternoon & evening programs, Columbia Pike Blues Festival, Celebrate Fairfax, Downs Park, Quiet Waters Park and numerous other festivals & park concert series both in VA and MD

Jamie Wilson moved to Baltimore in 1972 from Portsmouth, Virginia to attend the Maryland Institute-College of Art receiving a BFA degree in 1977. He has played a wide variety of music in the Baltimore / Washington area for over thirty two years, R&B, soul, traditional American, Punk and Irish.

In the late 60’s and early 70’s, Jamie was playing gigs like New York city’s famous C.B.G.B Club. In the 80’s he played with the Trutones who opened for Charlie Musslewhite, Tinsley Ellis and Koko Taylor among some of their great openers – mid 90’s with Smash-the-Windows, a large Irish group formed by Martin O’Malley; to late 90’s ,The Shannon Tide which featured fiddler Robin Bullock of Helicon fame. Over the last 16 years he has played with O’Malley’s March and has had the honor of sharing the stage for Patty Lebelle, Los Lobos, Blues Travelers, The Chieftians, Sean McGowen & The Pogues, Black 47, The Saw Doctors and The Baltimore Symphony.

YOUTUBE CLIP (Colleen Shanley & Grand Junction)

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