People always ask me why “Bird House Studios” is plural, not singular. I have always been torn between the two worlds of visual arts and music. So plural it was decided as a name for this site. And why “Bird House”. When I first started doing home recordings we had birds living in the exterior walls of our house. They sounded so nice on the tracks when recording.

Bird House Studios” is a small project recording studio which focus is geared to recording of spoken word and singer/song writer projects. I can also provide drum tracks for your projects, and I have a crew of side musicians that can make your project shine. If you have a gig and your drummer can’t make it, I’m available as a sub (drums packed and ready to gig). I also have a very nice small PA system and can provide sound reinforcement. I also will be taking on drum studios at this time. I continue to perform lives shows and this will be a grand place to see what I will be up to in the months and years to come. It has been a wild and crazy trip from playing CBGB’s with DaMoronics to playing The White House for President Obama with O’Malley’s March. I truly have been blessed. Please see the services tab for a list of how I may be able to help you with your recording needs and/or shows. 

Thanks to  everyone for your on going support.

James M. Wilson Sr.




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